Mission Statement

We provide a “Value Added’ professional service through:

1. High level review and analysis of the organization from the “Missions Statement” through organizational chart, partnerships, production and process’, to internal and external pressures and supports to “Future Planning.”

2. We negotiate and manage the in force P & C and Life and Group Insurance Plans with your brokers to ensure that all that is available from the market is delivered at no additional cost and in some cases with premium savings as we come from a place of knowledge.

3. We analyze all past claims through insured losses as well as absorbed losses for patterns and cost savings. As a result of this analysis we can deliver a draft of loss prevention measures to minimize the shock of such accidental losses to the bottom line.

4. We work with all managers and “C” suite executives where appropriate to ensure that their visions and problems are addressed through periodic progress reports.

Can you imagine a software program designed for the business and its operations offering current statistics and status reports from current information rather than a password protected Excel spread issued by the CFO. This is the future of business as planning does not sleep.


"Enterprise Quality" at a "Mid Market Price"