Insurance Brokers

No one understands the pressures of your job. As a commercial insurance broker,

the responsibilities are always expanding. The expectations of the client are never ending and the ability of insurers to respond with an acceptable package is not a guarantee.

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Have you considered the implementation of an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) system?

The business guidelines as set out in SOX or in the Canadian Business Practises Guide refer to the benefits of an ERM system, such as the coordination between...

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Law Firms

When a client comes to you for advice over an acquisition or a merger,

has the vending party supplied all of the current and past insurance policies? Has their claims history been discussed? Have the various insurance products for such a purchase been discussed?

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Mission Statement

To provide timely, cost effective Risk Management services through the support of the ClearRisk web based program. With our expertise, knowledge and commitment, you will gain access to your companies' Risk Management Program.

The program will be developed with collaboration of information from all departments in your organization. It will reflect the vulnerabilities that may or may not be insured and will include advices on those unidentified exposures to loss with tools to manage them.

We will do the following:

  • Identify exposures to loss; measure their frequency and severity through analysis of historical records and review of the day to day operations
  • Choose loss control measures to transfer, avoid, mitigate and ultimately minimize the effect of these potential hazards.
  • Moderate the program and amend it as required or at agreed intervals
  • Address emerging issues: i. Privacy, ii Cyber iii Reputation iv the departure of "baby boomers" from the workplace v environmental issues; i.e. spillage, noise, odour, etc.
  • increase revenue by decreasing the cost of claims and their handling, thereby improving cash flow through the use of the ClearRisk claims management software
  • provide a quarterly report to the board of directors

We will work with the heads of departments:

  • to streamline the flow of information on current tasks, new projects and open the lines of communication

We will assist on matters of strategic planning to:

  • improve the success and profitably of the expansion of the business into new territories, or with new products or new partnerships


"Enterprise Quality" at a "Mid Market Price"