What are the consequences of the Federal Government purchase?

Date: 15.10.2018 | Blog


To those who were protesting the “large American” developer; please find another cause.  To those who refer to the potential oil spill in the Vancouver Harbour, please remember that Exxon Valdez was 20 years ago.  The tanker had a single steel hull.  Hulls today are double that.  The spill of April 2015 in the inner harbour was not addressed by the city for 8 hours.  And they have not dealt with the recovery of cost outlay.  Incompetence?

No one wants a spill or an accident resulting in a spill.  Kinder Morgan had put up a $25,000,000 emergency fund to respond to such incidents. Further the Federal Government was to pay for coast guard manned stations and now that will be local tax payers cost.  The existing KM pipeline has not had a spill in how many years?  50 Years.  No spills and Loss Control Measures are in place now in the event of  a spill.

To those who objected to the extraction and sale of the oil; please note that as the population grows; 1,000,000 new immigrants by the end of 2020; we have nothing else to sell to pay for the health care we enjoy.  Each province has its own budget as you know but not one of the provinces is in the black as Alberta was before the price of oil dropped.  We are not living in a camp or a rest home.   The cost of living is rising beyond what we can produce.

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