“Our Real Inside Guy”

Date: 15.10.2018 | Blog


The first part of this investigative story done by Greg Mcarthur, Karen Howlett and Adrian Morrow of the Globe & Mail was published last Friday and the 2nd part appeared Saturday.  Here is the whole story. Why is it important?  Because it demonstrates how immoral people of a certain age group are around us today.  The “mud pies” they manage are rife with problems. To clean it up requires a knowledgeable person who is able to sacrifice their own life to remedy this for the public good.

What is common?

  • Old white men living for themselves only and believing they are entitled
  • Above the law
  • No moral compass
  • Living through their own version of a “Godfather” movie
  • Disrespectful of authority
  • No true friends of allies
  • bullies

Margaret Wilson, a consultant who in November, 2014, was brought in to probe dysfunction at the board – and had compared Mr. Papthanasakis to “a dirty penny” when speaking to The Globe – described a “culture of fear” in her final report.

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