“Old White Entitled Men Who”

Date: 15.10.2018 | Blog


A gang of men has emerged and most of America is asking “why”?  I have used the adjectives noted above often and am sure that others were horrified.  Well here is a perfect example so that you can see the pattern.  Navarro experienced 5 unsuccessful election attempts in San Diego.  HRC campaigned for him and he said: “one of the most gracious intelligent, perceptive and yes, classy women…”

So what happens to these men to make them forsake their souls?  Am not a psychologist but I suggest they see this at their one last “kick at the cat”.  It it their “heart of darkness” ; Conrad.

Sessions was a successful senator but he was playing a role. Now he can be that other self.  Bannon lied on behalf of Trump this morning as he was interviewed; “i have not heard…lie”

Younger Trumpsters; Miller Jason or Stephen; Cortes, etc. see this as their route to infamy perhaps and are too naive to see what we see.  Yes, life is hard and we must not give in to the darkness.  We can all be better.

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