$50 Billion Dollar Merger leads to accusations of Terrorism, War Crimes

Date: 15.10.2018 | Blog


Where to begin; A long standing successful, reputable firm began expanding into new territories with new partners; Middle East; Egypt & Syria.  There were partnerships with wealthy people who had conducted business for many years and all seemed fine.

The board of directors meets 5 times a year.  What could go wrong?  They did not ask the right questions for one.  Those on the board were wealthy successful business people but there were signs of missing funds; $15,000,000; encroaching terrorism, minor shareholders taking fees, etc.

There are ethics issues for sure but what about the Chief Risk Officer and his duty to know what could go wrong.  Did he or she report to the board? Did the legal counsel review all M & A deals done prior to the Lafarge/Holcim merger?  Why not?  What was underneath?

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