NAFTA talks for a year now?

Date: 15.10.2018 | Blog

A new NAFTA won’t stop Trump’s trade agenda

What is the new goal post?  Dairy, Mexican elections, Steel and Aluminum tariffs?  What?

For almost a year, the 3 members to the current NAFTA have met in good faith despite the constant “changing of the goal posts.”  Lighthizer was convinced of the trade deficit with Canada.  Not true.
Trump gives speeches daily on the gouging done by Canada and other countries but the statements are false.  “Canada charges levies of 45% on aluminum, HVAC equipment and televisions; 35% on cable boxes and vacuums, 25% on cars and steel, 48% on copper.  Under NAFTA there are not tariffs on these goods.  0 charges.  Dairy is a unique category and Canada imported $149M of US dairy last year.  Canada exported $150m to the US.  A tariff is applied is either country exceeds agreed upon maximum limits.  This is in NAFTA.

Under the new US budget, $1B is given to the dairy industry as they have just dumped 1M gallons of milk.  They had no market.  No trade agreements does that. We learned this week, from Bloomberg Economics, that US farmers will be unable to ship 40% of their product because of the US/China tariffs.

“Trump intends to demonize the trade relationship”  The chart he refers to contains made up tariffs but it is his misleading, hyperbolic trade agenda.

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