When people in power are out of their depth?

Date: 15.10.2018 | Blog

The Real Cost of Ford’s Hydro One Shakeup

There are effects of this move by Doug Ford that are not being discussed.  He said; “this will come at no cost”.  Well the pay out’s to directors is over $20,000,000.  The share price is down and the cost to find replacement directors and a new CEO could be staggering. As if there is a line up at the door?  No.

We see this time and time again where an inexperienced person takes on a role and acts rashly.  Trump is the prime example but allow me to highlight a few others:

  • US federal government
  • Theranos board
  • Equifax board
  • Wells Fargo
  • Weinstein
  • Lafarge/Holcim
  • etc.

There is a breakdown in communication and the people in charge are lost.  We have seen this in the movies as well; “Hidden Figures” from 2017 where a woman scientist was instrumental in a space launch.

Even with a Chief Risk Officer as there was at Wells Fargo; he missed the signs, was too comfortable in his job or simply had not credentials.  What a waste.

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