We are living longer and expecting the magical cure at a time of illness

Date: 15.10.2018 | Blog

Rising costs of care

For those who buy either Critical Illness or Long Term Disability Insurance policies which can be sold as stand alone policy forms, this is important.

Catastrophic illness like cancer, heart attack or stroke or any serious accident, immediately cause a loss of income.  What if the loss of income is for an extended period of time.  Is there an appropriate extension on the Group Plan through your employer?  Does your partner have a policy that you are an “Additional Insured” upon?   Offering Weekly Indemnity and Long Term Disability?  For how long and what is the waiting period on each?

Some have a history of cancer or heart defects or the like.  But will this happen to you?  Well we must think of the worst possible scenario and only for those who depend upon us because they may become our primary care givers which causes more financial loss.

How does the provincial or state insurance plan help us?  Will it address our immediate needs to allow for some long term planning?  More and more people live longer and survive debilitating disease.

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