Why are these 3 such a big deal?

Date: 15.10.2018 | Blog

Obesity, Guns and Opioids

What is needed to live through and past these external threats to Americans?  This is a big deal and one that has to be addressed.

A group of employees at an organization can speak to one another, a town can congregate in a town meeting, a state can hold rally’s informing everyone of the Plan of Action.  It could be a New Years resolution because it is for the good of all.  Everyone wins.

Obesity is driven by a lack of knowledge, boredom, or finances.  People are lonely and need help.  They may want a quick fix but this takes time to combat and has more to do with health care and life style than economics.  It takes a village.

Guns are a Constitutional right for sure but who do they help?  Where are they needed most and who is asking?  Who cares?

Opioids are a result of the escapist  mentality that believes a 10 or 15 minute “high” will cure all evils.  The drug manufacturers are spreading this “candy” through a network of over worked medical teams without the correct monitoring.  Why would a town of 450 people need thousands and thousands of pills?

It is a healthy life style and this is possible if a group of people comes together and stays together for the right reasons.

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