Electing inexperienced people to positions of authority?

Date: 15.10.2018 | Blog

So while only a short time in the office of Premier of Ontario; the largest province in  Canada, contributing roughly 39% of the annual GDP, Ford has shown his total lack of respect for the rule of law and the institutions that rely upon them.

First it was Hydro One:  4 administrations have come and gone and each one has tried to change the once pubic entity into a managed one in their own version.  The sole purpose/mission statement of this entity is to provide electrical power to all the province.  But it has been mismanaged.  The staggering salaries to the CEO and directors was a compensation nightmare so Ford fired them all.  The cost to do this was staggering.  Had Ford known what he was about to do, and understood from a host of legal and financial advisors, he may have done it another way.  Now is is rudderless.

Next was the slashing of all Environmental Wind & Solar energy programs.  Wether or not Climate Change is to be supported, the investment into these alternate energy streams had received over $200,000,000 in investment and were providing jobs.

Now he is after slashing and burning the no. of councillors on the City board.  He has attempted to fire them out of a whim of his however there were vacant seats and others were about to run for office.  What now?

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