Obesity, Guns and Opioids

What is needed to live through and past these external threats to Americans?  This is a big deal and one that has to be addressed.

A group of employees at an organization can speak to one another, a town can congregate in a town meeting, a state can hold rally’s informing everyone of the Plan of Action.  It could be a New Years resolution because it is for the good of all.  Everyone wins.

Obesity is driven by a lack of knowledge, boredom, or finances.  People are lonely and need help.  They may want a quick fix but this takes time to combat and has more to do with health care and life style than economics.  It takes a village.

Guns are a Constitutional right for sure but who do they help?  Where are they needed most and who is asking?  Who cares?

Opioids are a result of the escapist  mentality that believes a 10 or 15 minute “high” will cure all evils.  The drug manufacturers are spreading this “candy” through a network of over worked medical teams without the correct monitoring.  Why would a town of 450 people need thousands and thousands of pills?

It is a healthy life style and this is possible if a group of people comes together and stays together for the right reasons.

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U.S. launches WTO challenge against retaliatory tariffs-because they would not take it.

Trump imposed tariffs ostensibly to fight against China; the US/China trade volume is 1% of the world economy.

Mnuchin says that the tariffs imposed against Canada and Mexico were intended to make the NAFTA negotiations work faster.  They have not and are not progressing.

Navarro was quoted during his run (s) for office in San Diego that a trade war would be bad for the world economy.

USB Bank today is quoted as saying that $800B of trade is missing because of the tariff war begun by Trump.

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While we watch to see how quickly everyone living in Flint Michigan recovers from the contaminated water; we now know for sure that a small group of white entitled men were instrumental in causing permanent injury and harm to many people in the city.  They were too ignorant, inexperienced and afraid of losing their jobs to listen to the women who fought to be head.

Nothing again men but really let’s be clear here.  The women saved their children’s lives and kept on despite having the doors slammed in their faces.  We see examples of this all around us.

What are they afraid of?

TV Review: Lifetime’s ‘Flint’ Starring Queen Latifah

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The Real Cost of Ford’s Hydro One Shakeup

There are effects of this move by Doug Ford that are not being discussed.  He said; “this will come at no cost”.  Well the pay out’s to directors is over $20,000,000.  The share price is down and the cost to find replacement directors and a new CEO could be staggering. As if there is a line up at the door?  No.

We see this time and time again where an inexperienced person takes on a role and acts rashly.  Trump is the prime example but allow me to highlight a few others:

  • US federal government
  • Theranos board
  • Equifax board
  • Wells Fargo
  • Weinstein
  • Lafarge/Holcim
  • etc.

There is a breakdown in communication and the people in charge are lost.  We have seen this in the movies as well; “Hidden Figures” from 2017 where a woman scientist was instrumental in a space launch.

Even with a Chief Risk Officer as there was at Wells Fargo; he missed the signs, was too comfortable in his job or simply had not credentials.  What a waste.

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The US/Canada trade agreement is the largest one in the world in terms of value between 2  countries.  “It’s the planet’s best illustration of of mutually beneficial economic interdependence; s true win win;”  It benefits each side in different ways but each side exports roughly the same value of goods and services to the other.  The US is the largest single economy in the world and Canada is the smallest of the G7 group.  Canada is 1/10th size in population whose currency trades at roughly 25% less.  It takes $1.25 can to purchase $1.00 US.

Canada is the largest export market for the US so as a result the best customer the US has.

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A new NAFTA won’t stop Trump’s trade agenda

What is the new goal post?  Dairy, Mexican elections, Steel and Aluminum tariffs?  What?

For almost a year, the 3 members to the current NAFTA have met in good faith despite the constant “changing of the goal posts.”  Lighthizer was convinced of the trade deficit with Canada.  Not true.
Trump gives speeches daily on the gouging done by Canada and other countries but the statements are false.  “Canada charges levies of 45% on aluminum, HVAC equipment and televisions; 35% on cable boxes and vacuums, 25% on cars and steel, 48% on copper.  Under NAFTA there are not tariffs on these goods.  0 charges.  Dairy is a unique category and Canada imported $149M of US dairy last year.  Canada exported $150m to the US.  A tariff is applied is either country exceeds agreed upon maximum limits.  This is in NAFTA.

Under the new US budget, $1B is given to the dairy industry as they have just dumped 1M gallons of milk.  They had no market.  No trade agreements does that. We learned this week, from Bloomberg Economics, that US farmers will be unable to ship 40% of their product because of the US/China tariffs.

“Trump intends to demonize the trade relationship”  The chart he refers to contains made up tariffs but it is his misleading, hyperbolic trade agenda.

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What do US imposed tariffs accomplish?  More tax revenue for the US? Yes, if Canada did not impose retaliatory tariffs.  More US jobs?  No as you will see in this article.  Jobs will be lost.

The “dairy” matter is often referred to by Trump.  In 2017, Canada imported $471,000,000 million of US dairy products and exported $150,000,000.  Under NAFTA, tariffs only kick in when the amount either country sends to the other, exceeds pre arranged targets.  Canada protects its dairy farmers by accepting their estimates of production so that no one has to throw product away.

The US on the other had has the largest producers in Wisconsin, dumping 100 million gallons of milk.  And the US budget just authorized $1B for the dairy industry. Find them a market.

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Sixties Scoop Settlement on hold amid Disagreement on Legal Fees

As 25,000,000 people around the world are being displaced because of poverty, terrorism, death threats, etc.  immigration by refugees seeking asylum is a big issue.  Lest we forget, that 70 years ago, the Canadian Government took it upon itself to take indigenous children from their homes and place them in foster care or with adoptive parents. Approximately 22,000 children were affected. They were deprived of their culture, language and parental relationship.

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In 1989; almost 30 years ago, this man gained access to a since defunct immigration program to acquire his Canadian citizenship.  From there he bought into real estate in Montreal so has a small group of holdings that have appreciated.

Canada has been a good place to invest for those not residing in the country and as of new regulations, out of country, non citizens pay a 15% penalty to own real estate in Canada.  30 years ago, who knew where we would be today; money laundering and proceeds of crime.

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Where to begin; A long standing successful, reputable firm began expanding into new territories with new partners; Middle East; Egypt & Syria.  There were partnerships with wealthy people who had conducted business for many years and all seemed fine.

The board of directors meets 5 times a year.  What could go wrong?  They did not ask the right questions for one.  Those on the board were wealthy successful business people but there were signs of missing funds; $15,000,000; encroaching terrorism, minor shareholders taking fees, etc.

There are ethics issues for sure but what about the Chief Risk Officer and his duty to know what could go wrong.  Did he or she report to the board? Did the legal counsel review all M & A deals done prior to the Lafarge/Holcim merger?  Why not?  What was underneath?

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