We heard some time ago that the US Government advised that Canada was a security threat.  The cause was around ZTE and Huawei as i recall.

Prior to that we heard over and over again, that there was a trade imbalance between Canada and the US.

Both of these statements were incorrect and now one of their “senior” advisors is quoted as confirming that.

The lack of communication and respect from this administration is merely a distraction but it is a problem for them.  Americans are weary of the noise so as a result they are misinformed.

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On the surface, all appears correct; the US economy is booming in some areas and the enthusiasm is high.  What is not obvious is the 66% in the US Federal Debt and the $20B increase in the US Trade Deficit.  (year over year)

This past weekend, we posted an article on Peter Navarro and his vile remarks towards Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  Navarro and Black and Sessions and Zinke and Pruitt and Trump  are among the many old white entitled men who have VOIDS within themselves; 5 unsuccessful elections, bankruptcies, prison, thievery, lying, etc.  And apparently they expect to reap a final hurrah in this administration.

There is a dark place in their futures and it is not pretty.

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A gang of men has emerged and most of America is asking “why”?  I have used the adjectives noted above often and am sure that others were horrified.  Well here is a perfect example so that you can see the pattern.  Navarro experienced 5 unsuccessful election attempts in San Diego.  HRC campaigned for him and he said: “one of the most gracious intelligent, perceptive and yes, classy women…”

So what happens to these men to make them forsake their souls?  Am not a psychologist but I suggest they see this at their one last “kick at the cat”.  It it their “heart of darkness” ; Conrad.

Sessions was a successful senator but he was playing a role. Now he can be that other self.  Bannon lied on behalf of Trump this morning as he was interviewed; “i have not heard…lie”

Younger Trumpsters; Miller Jason or Stephen; Cortes, etc. see this as their route to infamy perhaps and are too naive to see what we see.  Yes, life is hard and we must not give in to the darkness.  We can all be better.

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Let’s consider:  Value of trade between Mexico, US and Canada $900b; between the US and Canada it is $700b with $2b surplus to the US

Of that $900b: EXPORTS Steel & Aluminum $16b Auto Sector $80b Diary $500m or 1/10 of 1% of the Canada Us two way trade.

40,000 dairy farmers in the US who enjoy US government subsidies through subsidies that equal about 73% of the farmers annual returns.  In Canada, a different system is applied where the supply is managed and controlled among producers to ensure that everyone can survive.  Different styles in 2 different countries but the US is directly and indirectly granting $22b to these 40 dairy farmers.

Given these ratio’s and the real value of trade between long standing partners, it seems obvious that a solution if the best route.

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Fort McMurray 2 years later

As many of insurance claims remain unresolved, what are residents to do?  What were their plans to re locate and how would they pay for a new site?

This is an example of what could go wrong and how detailed a Continuity Plan or a Sustainability Plan must be.  It is not the adjusters responsibility to make sure that life returns to normal if the insurance and other Risk Control measures are not adequate.  The next year extension should see the end of the claims but how many residents have had to re locate?

The threat of fire and of the infestation of pine beetles only makes a bad situation worse.

Who is prepared?

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Interesting thoughts from an academic who specializes in Governance.  The need for independent directors is often crucial to a board because they can bring a new perspective IF they have prior relevant business experience and understand the job.  I have been approached and been interviewed by the so called “specialist recruiters” and am sad to report that their comments were disturbing; “We do not want experienced business people, we want young fresh blood”; “We don’t want accredited people because they will pose conflicts for the CFO and COO”.  What a waste of time this will be for them.

Yvan Allaire offers his opinion in this article and the “proof is in the pudding”.  The responsibility of the board of directors to shareholders, to stakeholders or to contributors is ever expanding.  The knowledge needed by each board member can on

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The first part of this investigative story done by Greg Mcarthur, Karen Howlett and Adrian Morrow of the Globe & Mail was published last Friday and the 2nd part appeared Saturday.  Here is the whole story. Why is it important?  Because it demonstrates how immoral people of a certain age group are around us today.  The “mud pies” they manage are rife with problems. To clean it up requires a knowledgeable person who is able to sacrifice their own life to remedy this for the public good.

What is common?

  • Old white men living for themselves only and believing they are entitled
  • Above the law
  • No moral compass
  • Living through their own version of a “Godfather” movie
  • Disrespectful of authority
  • No true friends of allies
  • bullies

Margaret Wilson, a consultant who in November, 2014, was brought in to probe dysfunction at the board – and had compared Mr. Papthanasakis to “a dirty penny” when speaking to The Globe – described a “culture of fear” in her final report.

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As you read this story and are amazed that the reporters could uncover such information, you realize that FOI is there for the tracking.  What is shocking is that while we watch Justin Trudeau fumble his way through one crisis after another; trips to foreign lands on a whimsy, officers who cause blunders like Morneau; i.e. small business tax that was revoked; international relations that he cannot manage himself; NAFTA; is dead on arrival, etc. we somehow assume that we are not the same.  We are a little smaller for sure; 1/10 th the size in terms of population; but once you read this article, you will wonder what we can do to clean our own house.


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To those who were protesting the “large American” developer; please find another cause.  To those who refer to the potential oil spill in the Vancouver Harbour, please remember that Exxon Valdez was 20 years ago.  The tanker had a single steel hull.  Hulls today are double that.  The spill of April 2015 in the inner harbour was not addressed by the city for 8 hours.  And they have not dealt with the recovery of cost outlay.  Incompetence?

No one wants a spill or an accident resulting in a spill.  Kinder Morgan had put up a $25,000,000 emergency fund to respond to such incidents. Further the Federal Government was to pay for coast guard manned stations and now that will be local tax payers cost.  The existing KM pipeline has not had a spill in how many years?  50 Years.  No spills and Loss Control Measures are in place now in the event of  a spill.

To those who objected to the extraction and sale of the oil; please note that as the population grows; 1,000,000 new immigrants by the end of 2020; we have nothing else to sell to pay for the health care we enjoy.  Each province has its own budget as you know but not one of the provinces is in the black as Alberta was before the price of oil dropped.  We are not living in a camp or a rest home.   The cost of living is rising beyond what we can produce.

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Whether a private company like the Weinstein Companies or a public company like Wynn Resorts; there was egregious behaviour going on for many years and people knew.  Settlements were made to a variety of people using company funds.

Both cases and others that we are too familiar with; give rise to the same question; “Where were the Risk Managers?” Who was providing information to the board or directors?  And if you say the in house counsel; you will be wrong.

We saw where an in house counsel at NBC conducted a survey  of personnel, for the board,  after the alleged harassment suit was settled.  This presents a conflict of interest and a lack of transparency.

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