Complete Risk Management for Businesses

We create peace of mind through our unique Risk Management process, this will benefit all stakeholders, we will:

Review Risk Plans

  • Full review of the corporate insurance experience from the past 2, 3, or 5 years including claims
  • Preparation of a full insurance submission for both commercial and the group benefit renewal
  • A full review of the terms which are offered
  • Negotiation with the broker to achieve best pricing, benefits and additional services, where appropriate. 


Draft Risk Map

  • Through the ClearRisk Manager software, draft a Risk Map on the commercial operations to identify potential vulnerabilities including frequency and severity factors. (The Risk Map is a dynamic plan that will reveal a clear view of areas to be improved and topics of discussion for the shareholders and stakeholders).
  • Interview all client departments and provide a quarterly progress report from an objective, professional viewpoint. This includes HR, IT, Production, Regulatory and Compliance.


Develop Future Plans

  • Strategize with the CFO, COO, CEO on future plans, from our position as your Chief Risk Officer:
    • mergers/acquisitions
    • partners
    • staffing needs
  • Draft an Enterprise Risk Management program to achieve optimal results.


To introduce you to our services and “prove” the benefits of our approach we will:

Execute an initial client analysis (of 4 hours for each selected client) and provide an initial needs review. We will then provide a straightforward report that will outline:
1. Outline requirements for the insurance submission for both the commercial renewal and the group benefit renewal
2. Define how to prepare a full review of the terms which are offered and negotiate with the broker to achieve better pricing, benefits and additional services.

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The world is changing. Everyone in business today knows that they have to do a better job to survive and at RiskAssist Consulting, we will be there for you.