Your customers demand more of you every day. Insurers are trying their best to serve a network of insurance brokers just like you.

How are you able to differentiate yourselves from the power house brokers of the world? What distinguishes you and how can you improve your package of services?

Allow us to demonstrate the ease and usefulness of the ClearRisk Risk Management and Claims Management software.

ClearRisk Manager will help you to:

  • Perform better in the insurance market: companies that have a formal risk management program are favoured by insurers as a rule
  • Improve safety: by reducing the frequency and severity of accidents
  • Protection company value: by safeguarding assets
  • Increase revenue by decreasing claim costs


Diane S. Baker is available to monitor the progression of the plan as it is developed and to assist you and your client in the enhancement of the services you provide to them.

Business Continuity Planning is often discussed at the board level but who is actually putting it into force? We can assist with this through the ClearRisk system.

Online broker /business collaboration: Use ClearRisk Manager to store, to track and to share all relevant risk and insurance information such as insurance policies, claims documents and insurance certificates.

The reports produced by ClearRisk Manager will help you to communicate the positive benefits of the risk management efforts in the insurance market as well as maintaining the goals of your clients’ mission.; for profit, not for profit, or public organization for stakeholders. As their results improve, you as the broker will be more appreciated.

We are here to support you in your goal to secure more clients and to maintain your relationship with them over time..