In your capacity as a professional firm; i.e. insurance broker, architect or engineer, developer of commercial projects, builder, etc.; you are the experts.

Are you driven by passion for the work performed and the success of a job well done or does the need to resolve crisis’s with clients or employees keep you up at night?

Everyone has a measure of the above but is the element of conflict being managed in a productive fashion?


  • On a construction project does the General Contractor have access to a software program to in put all data relevant to all sub’s, their insurance policies, their work performance relative to the course of construction, the permits required, the inspection reports, etc.   Is the information provided to the owners? Are there insurance claims and are these being monitored?
  • Architects and Engineers work on numerous projects as sub contractors.   As sub contractors, you must rely on the project manager to follow your drawings.   This is beyond your control until a problem develops, when you can simply refer to the original drawings and plans.   But if there were a Risk Management Plan on the project, this could be monitored on a regular basis until completion.   We can assist you with this and respond when an issue arises with a 3rd party complainant.
  • Manufacturers whose product is exported and used as per the instructions attached.   What happens if the shipment is lost, if the product is destroyed, if a replacement is needed immediately?   Who do you call?   What about cross border issues?   What if there is political unrest?   Who do you call?
  • Transport Firms with large fleets of vehicles depend upon the insurance broker/insurer to supply annual reports as to the loss experience and licensing of the vehicles.   What if you had access to this information  in real time?   You would gain control over the costs and expenses incurred in day to day operations and be able to plan ahead with accuracy.
  • Joint Ventures are formed for a specific commercial purpose.   Each party has their strengths and each party will have a commercial insurance program provided by their insurance broker.   Often a LLC is created for this purpose.   Are there now a number of insurance brokers with specific interests and agendas?   Are there alternates means of insuring current and future legal liabilities in a cost effective way?   We can provide that independent advice and counsel.


Through the ClearRisk program and Diane’s management, you would enjoy the peace of mind that insurance and other loss transfer methods are supposed to provide. The reports would be in your hands as when requested.