Diane S. Baker, BA CRM RF FIIC

After 30 years as a commercial broker, agency owner in the lower mainland region,  Diane Baker is offering a “value added” service to her new customers on Risk Management and the implementation of its formal process and on Insurance.   The knowledge and tools that Diane brings to the table will be focused on the continued prosperity and strength of the operating business.

These tools include but are not limited to:

  • insurance expertise
  • business ownership over a 12 year period
  • risk management software from ClearRisk
  • Claims tracking and analysis on the ClearRisk system
  • issuance of reports as required for the owner, managers, etc.
  • Analysis of costs and expenses of insurance, claims, etc. on a current time basis’
  • etc.


She will be available as an Outside Chief Risk Officer, CRO, on a per project basis for an agreed fee.

Within the scope of her new position, she will offer:

  1. Enterprise Risk Management design
  2. Strategic Risk Management
  3. Data Risk Management
  4. Risk Mapping through identification of exposures to loss
  5. Solutions to mitigate and avoid these potential losses
  6. Ongoing Maintenance of the Risk Plan with updates
  7. Continuity Planning
  8. Sustainability planning
  9. Objective Insurance Review
  10. Assistance with complex potential claims situations to avoid filing a time consuming, costly claim with the insurers on risk
  11. Specific project management through ClearRisk to eliminate the costly outsourcing of reports from a variety of sources