“I have known Diane Baker as a friend and colleague for over 25 years, and I cannot think of anyone that is more hardworking, diligent and enthusiastic about our industry, that of insurance and risk management. Diane has been a student of her business and has always stayed ahead of the pack when it comes to her knowledge of traditional as well as the newly evolving products and services that have and are being developed to meet the needs of the world’s fast-paced and dynamic economy.

In server her clients, Diane has always been detailed in making sure she addressed any exposure they faced. I can think of one current example where Diane shrewdly recognized an obscure exposure, brought it to her client’s attention, and suggested a solution for dealing with it. Sadly the client did not take Diane’s sound advice and subsequently had a multimillion-dollar loss for exactly the reason she had brought to their attention! As insurance brokers, we are always open to Errors and Omissions when coverage is not in place at the time of a loss. Thankfully, in this case, because Diane acted so professionally and concisely, this company has no exposure to an E&O.”

– Tony A. Davis, AC President (Axis Insurance Managers Inc.)

“I had the pleasure of working alongside Diane Baker for three years here at Axis Insurance in a sales capacity. Diane is a very unique individual, engaged in the industry more than any person I know. She loved insurance! She would educate us weekly with ongoing issues that affect our industry, our clients and constantly upgrading her knowledge whether she needed to or not. She was well-liked by her clients and competitors alike. Her knowledge on the financial side of insurance is unparalleled and her clients were fortunate to have her as their broker.”

– Laurel E. Miller, CAIB, CRM, Account Executive (Axis Insurance Managers Inc.)

“I first met Diane Baker in 1982 when she was with Dale & Company, which was the national broker for the Canadian Real Estate Association. We quickly established a very close working relationship. That relationship has carried on through the years in a consulting capacity on other association business, such as the Canadian Association of Certified General Accountants.

In all of my professional dealings with Diane, I have found her to be very dedicated and hardworking. She is intelligent and imaginative, and constantly searches for a better method of accomplishing her clients’ goals. She works well with others, is a good communicator, and she understands and accepts the need to approach tasks with a team approach. I would be hard-pressed to think of many brokers who are so dedicated to and work as hard on behalf of their clients.

I have no hesitancy whatsoever in recommending Diane for any kind of position pertaining to client services.”

– T.J. Dorey, President (F.C. Maltman & Co. Ltd.)

“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Diane Baker since 1979. At that time, I became assistant manager and finally manager of Dale & Company Ltd, a large national insurance brokerage firm. Diane was a very capable employee with innovative ideas and the will to follow them through. We, at that time, had the professional liability program for the real estate boards of British Columbia. Diane was the main producer on the account, and she, by herself, did almost all the work and made all the presentations. It was a very successful program.

Diane has been very conscientious and can be relied on to undertake direct complex work. She has a pleasant manner and I would recommend her highly.”

– Angus S. Lawson